The role of laws in personal success!

The role of laws in personal success!

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To be successful and influential in life we simply need to learn and obey the laws of success. Success begins with identifying a problem that needs to be solved. You then offer to solve the problem using your gift. Success begins with separating yourself from the pack because you solved a problem that people could not solve. The school of influence is based on the level of success you have. Your success in life makes you celebrated in your craft or area of gifting. A celebrity is someone majority of people celebrate, they are considered and branded people of influence. Your success in your craft will give you influence in so many areas.

Influence is the capacity to cause other people to listen to you or to follow you. It’s when other people change their priorities for yours. Success brings you influence. You really cannot be successful until you have influence.

The Difference between laws and rules

Anyone who wants to be successful must break the rules. Here are laws that must be memorized and followed diligently to get to the other end of success.

Intelligence, Imagination, Motivation, Time, Courage, Confidence, Ideas, Handwork, Creativity, Will, Focus.

Success is an integration of a number of principles, these laws or keys of success are immutable and also universal, they can work anywhere in the world. They have no respect for your ethnic background, the pigmentation of your skin, the location of your birth; it has no respect for your family upbringing, and your culture because laws are universal. They work for anyone if you will work them. Life is predictable and laws make life predictable. God created everything to succeed and that success is connected to God’s reputation. Whatever God created is suppose to succeed. Success is, therefore, the result of obedience to laws.

Success is not what you have down compared to what others have done because you will always find someone who has done more than you or less than you. Success is defined by what you did compare to what you should have done. Success, therefore, should be defined as the fulfillment of the purpose for which you were created by your manufacturer. Your life is measured by why God created you compared to what you’ve done. If you are celebrated as a success but you did not do what God intended or created for your life, you actually failed in God’s eyes although you were celebrated on earth. Success is, therefore, the fulfillment of original purpose. Success is finding out why God created you, the purpose for your birth, why you came into the world and this is the key to measuring your success in life. Success has more to do with moving in the right direction than coming to a destination, it is a process and not a destination. The key to life is ORDER.

The key to life is ORDER, order comes from laws. when you obey laws, you bring order to your life. laws protect, sustain, guard and promote your life.  You cannot break a law, the law breaks you. E.g some people in the world today carry and sell drugs, gamble, sell their body for money to get ahead in life but there are not short cuts in life. The law eventually catches up with them and breaks them. Don’t follow shortcuts in life. Follow, obey and embrace the laws and rules of success and then you are on your way to personal success. Most successful people in their craft never chased money or success, they simply obeyed and followed laws and they ended up successful. E.g. Lebron James wanted to be the best player in the NBA, he applied the laws of success, Intelligence, Imagination, Motivation, Time, Courage, Confidence, Ideas, Handwork, Creativity, Will, Focus and it brought him to his ultimate destination.

Adaora Emelieze!

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