The rich mentality versus the poor mentality!

The rich mentality versus the poor mentality!

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People that have the rich mentality think about saving and investing to multiply their income but the poor mentality only thinks of spending once the funds get to their hands. E.g. the rich will never use their first earnings to live a flamboyant lifestyle; it’s only the poor man who does that to impress people who don’t care.

The rich live below their means; they only purchase a house and car with a very little fraction of their income or wages. They are also paid for debt free. The poor take out loans from the bank to buy cars and build houses they cannot afford.

The poor use all their funds to purchase expensive designer clothes, jewelry etc to make a statement and to impress people, however, they have little or no savings or investments. The rich know they have to multiply their profit or wages multiple times before spending it on frivolities.

The poor like to portray a lifestyle of the wealthy trying to keep up with their friends and neighbors but what they fail to remember is that people don’t really care about their status.

In the poor’s quest to fill and appear wealthy, they look to having more money and so they start working and they are enslaved by their slave master. They equally become slaves of the wealthy who already have in abundance. To become financially free we need to cut down our expenses to the bareress minimum and completely renew our mind.

Adaora Emelieze

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