Sharing my thoughts on the pentecostal/charismatic Church Movement.

Sharing my thoughts on the pentecostal/charismatic Church Movement.

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We live in a society where people have been so indoctrinated to win souls into their church, but when the souls come in, they are not free, you keep them in the four walls of the church.

You indoctrinate them with your ministry rules and regulations, you don’t teach them to discover their purpose, and you tell them that their purpose is to win the lost and get people saved and bring them to your religious organization. Yes, you put chains on them, of course, these are not physical chains, but mental chains.

How can you know their purpose when you did not even create them? You are not the manufacturer of the product. They come in and you make them do things to further your own vision and you tie them down to believe your vision should be their own vision.

Another thing you do is to encourage them to keep working for the rich, you don’t empower them to think like the rich, to find what their gifts are and encourage them to use their gifts to become entrepreneurs and leaders in their sphere of contact. You are only concerned about them bringing their tithes and offerings, and giving to your church projects.

You close your eyes to the evils of society, you refuse to transform society, you are only interested in building buildings so you can brag about your buildings and how many numbers of people you were able to gather to your programs and conferences. The conventions are now entertainment centers, nothing different from a Madonna or Beyonce concert, the stage is lite up, glamorous and breathtaking, thousands of dollars are put in to get that lights, camera, action effect. People are electrified as they would also be if they were in a Beyonce or Madonna concert.

I walked in a church conference and I saw that they were now mimicking the world system, the women were dancing to Indian melodies, shaking and gyrating their waist from left to right in their Indians attires, it was just to entertain people, If I wanted to be entertained, I would go to a concert or a show with stand up comedians, I did not come to church to watch teenage girls gyrating. I thought to myself, we have slowly brought the culture of the world into the church but we are supposed to be transforming society with Kingdom culture.

Friends, I put it to you, that people are no longer opening up their bibles. I thought to myself, a minister approved this, and it went on for years. Friends, we are not doing what we were placed on this earth to do. As kingdom citizens, we have to study the Bible to see what we are like and what we should be like, become it and then influence our society and community with that attitude.

For example, we live in a very immoral world, the language/culture is off, the lifestyle is off, the dependent on the system is off, we are supposed to be influencers, enforcers of God’s kingdom culture as shown us in his written word. But unfortunately the culture of the world is what the church is supposedly copying, we copy the ideology of the world system, we agree or are indifferent to the things we should be taking a stance against, things like abortion, homosexuality, prayers ban in school etc.

Ladies and gentleman, kingdom citizens, we got to change this, we’ve got to start teaching the truth. We are here as change agents. Wherever you are, are a disciple of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, we are in our society and community to influence it, engage it and change it. People have been trained and have their minds manipulated to exclude truth from their consciousness and at all cost but you have to know the truth or have the spirit of the truth to accept the truth.

Adaora Emelieze

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