Oppression by an unlikely Oppressor!

Oppression by an unlikely Oppressor!

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Oppression is real and is lurking everywhere human beings exist. It has existed from the beginning of time, and in every dispensation and generation. Its main purpose is to enslave and instill fear in its victims and take away their rights as free moral agents. we have seen oppression manifest through slavery, human trafficking and other evil vices that enslave people.

Slavery became common during the Dark Ages and continued into the Middle Ages. The blacks were considered less human and taken away from Africa as slaves. This horrific acts took place across the Atlantic Ocean from the 15th through the 19th centuries. However, God did not create man to be oppressed, Man was created to be a free moral agent, to be free from any form of mental or physical bondage. Man has for so long faced oppression until men like William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr amongst other human right activists refused to allow this type of evil continue in their time and fought for the people of their generation to liberate men and women, some had to lay their lives in the process. They led the fight to abolish slavery, fought a different kind of oppression where blacks were considered “second class citizens” in the 60s. In this Era, we are still fighting the same kinds of oppression ranging from child slavery, child sex trafficking, child sexual abuse, sexual abuses, domestic violence, child physical and mental abuse etc. oppression shows it faces in different forms.

However, I want to speak on a different kind of oppression and abuse that is close to my heart and is common in the four walls of the church. A form of oppression where men and women who love God but have fell prey in the hands of ministers or shepherds (prison wardens if you would permit me). Jesus said by their fruits, you shall know them. They are adulterous, greedy for money and fame, they instill fear in their victims. Some leaders who enable these ministers even attack the victims for trying to speak up. These ministers surround themselves with “yes men” and “loyal enablers” who protect them from their evil escapades.These victims love God and come to serve God. Their presence is answering the call of God upon their lives, only to be sexually harassed and defiled by the ministers who they trusted and held is so much in high esteem. They work ministry like any other circular job since it’s more like a calling and their life’s work. It’s even hard for them to exit as they are threatened and shamed for even thinking about it. They tell them, The Lord loves whom he chastises. It’s all mind control. They have controlled their minds to the point of no return. And so they endure, compromise and allow the oppressor to continue his evil deeds.

These ministers who are married with children go to the extent of buying expensive cars for their mistresses, they are given free accommodation in the minister’s house so the ministers can have access to their bodies at any time. They portray themselves as ministers of God (Touch not my anointed), they do this to instill fear and guilt so their victims will not speak up against the oppression. They are expected to go with the flow after all the bible says “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” this is the oppressor’s tool to oppress and silence his victims. But I will not be a party to this evil acts that have gone on for decades in the four walls of the Church of Lord Jesus Christ, enough is enough, and I say to the oppressor, it’s time to repent and change your ways because there’s a new sheriff is in town. We will fight and defeat you!

Adaora Emelieze.

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