Oppression by an unlikely Oppressor!

Oppression by an unlikely Oppressor!

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Oppression is real and is lurking everywhere human beings exist. It has existed from the beginning of time (creation) to the times of slavery, a lot of oppression from whites oppressing blacks. Black people were not even considered human beings in those eras of slavery. God’s did not create man to be oppressed, man was created to be a free moral agent, to be free from any form mental or physical oppression. Man has faced both types of oppression from the time of slavery for decades and centuries until people like William Wilberforce to Abraham Lincoln who began to lead the fight to abolish slavery, to the times of Martin Luter King Jr who fought a different kind of oppression where blacks were considered “second class citizens” in this time they fought civil and human rights oppression. In this Era, we are still fighting different kinds of oppression from child slavery to child sex trafficking, child physical and mental abuse etc. oppression shows it faces in different forms.

I want to speak about a different kind of oppression that’s common in the four walls of the church. A form of oppression where young women are prey in the hands of the minister or leader of the flock. Why they have sexual relations with young female church staff/workers. some people will say why don’t they just work away they are free moral agents, but some of these ladies come there because they love God and what to render service to God, their presence there is more like answering the call of God upon their lives, only to be sexually harassed by the minister who they trusted and held is so much high esteem. they work ministry like any other circular job (but it’s considered service to God although they receive a paycheck) for their upkeep and livelihood. Even though the option is to live but it’s not easy to just pack up because of other factors, to immediately find another job, giving up on the call of God for their lives, accommodation etc and so they endure, compromise and allow the oppressor continue to oppress them.

These married ministers go to the extent of buying them expensive cars, free accommodation in the minister’s house so they have access to their bodies at any time. They portray themselves as ministers of God, untouchable so you cannot speak up against that oppression, you just have to go with the flow, after all the bible says “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” this is what oppressor uses as a tool to oppress his victims. But I will not be a party to this mess even though it has gone on for decades, enough is enough, and I say to the oppressor, it’s time to pack up and go because a new sheriff is in town. I will fight and defeat you!

Adaora Emelieze.

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