Jim Rohn’s cure for the disease of attitude!

Jim Rohn’s cure for the disease of attitude!

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The disease of Attitude

The diseases of attitude are weeds that grow in the garden. These are normal facts of life. Positive and the Negative, Negative is normal, it’s not successful but it’s normal. It’s part of life. Jim Rohn’s philosophy is you must learn to handle the negative, don’t ignore it, but handle it. Don’t be a follower, be a student. You’ve got to handle the negative, you don’t have to live in it, you don’t have to dwell on it, but you do have to handle it. If you turn your head and just ignore the weeds, they will take your garden. There is a great war between good and evil, the minute we were born we got involved in this war between good and evil, positive and negative, so the war is on.

In the absence of light, darkness is automatic, if good does not arouse itself, evil takes over, and it’s a war, mental and physical war. Evil is no match for Good but good must be active. The average years after retirement are 6years which means don’t retire; your changes are too slim. The war between good and evil, the weeds, you have to make sure you recognize the negative, handle it, deal with it and go on.

Neglect: A week of neglect could cost you a year of repair.

Indifference: The mild approach to life. It’s a disease, I can’t see getting all that worked up, to be any kind of winner, you have to get worked up. You cannot drift to the top of the mountain. The Lord said to live one way or the other, cold or hot, don’t be lump warm. Pick a direction and go with everything you got. If it’s the wrong direction, you will find out quickly. Whatever it takes you to try harder, read more, set your goals and achieve more, go for it. Here’s the key to the good life, learn to put everything you’ve got into everything you do. Whatever you are doing, pour it on, it will quickly open up into an opportunity or disclose to you that you ought to be doing something else.

Indecision- Mental paralyzes– someone says, I’m on the fence on this one, well then just get off. A life full of adventure is a life full of many decisions, the ones that turn out to be wrong, give you better experience to make better decisions, so don’t seek how many decisions you can get out of, seek how many decisions you can get into. Shake off the disease of indecision.

Doubt- Self Doubt- doubt is like a plague, Stop doubting yourself, turn the coin over and become a believer. There are many things to believe in and one of them is you. The understanding of self-worth is the beginning of progress.

Worry– Worry is a devastating disease, worry causes health problems, social problems, personal problems, family problems, and it’s devastating. Give it up, who needs it. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, am saying it’s going to be worth it. Get rid of the worry habit, it might take you a while but get that monkey off your back. Once you do, you could leave an incredible life, not free of challenges or difficulty but free of worry.

Over caution– don’t be too cautious, you can always be too reckless but you can’t always be too cautious, this is the timid approach to life. My caution was always the risk, what if this happens? What if it doesn’t turn out right? It’s called the language of the poor. It’s all risky, the minute you were born it was risky, if you think that is risky, wait till they hand you the bill for not trying. If you think investing is risky, wait till they hand you the tab for not investing. Everything is risky. Life is risky. You’re not going to get out of life so go ahead and give it a go. Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure. It’s better to live 30 years full of adventure than 100 years safe in a corner. It doesn’t matter how long you lived but how well you lived and impacted your generation.

Pessimism– The deadly disease of always looking on the bad side, the difficult side, and seeking out reasons why it can’t be done, the pessimist doesn’t try to figure out what’s right, he tries to future out what’s wrong, he doesn’t look for virtue, he looks for faults. When he finds them, he is delighted. Our lives are mostly affected by the way we think things are not the way they are. Everyday stand guard at the door of your mind, it’s very important, you decide what goes into your mental faculty, doesn’t let anyone dump anything because you have to live with the results.

Complaining – complaining will affect your future, it’s a deadly disease.  In the Bible, the children of Israel were slaves in Egypt and when God decided to set them free, they started to complain from day one, they complained about everything, from the food to the leadership, they griped and complained a lot, even God got tired of their complaining and said that they will not get into the promised land and they never got to the promised land, they died in the desert. We’ve got to get rid of these diseases that are common to human behavior to lead an impactful life.

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