Christians Riot in Indonesia After Claims of Military Burning Bibles!

Christians Riot in Indonesia After Claims of Military Burning Bibles!

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Christians in the predominately-Muslim country of Indonesia have been fighting back in defense of their religion after the country’s military burned Bibles and then lied about its actions.

Citizens of Papua, a predominantly Protestant province, protested when they realized that the military had burned their sacred religious texts, but an initial police account of the incident claimed that no Bibles were burned, according to The Daily Caller.

In fact, police stated that the citizens rioted over burned garbage, some of which included old theology books, but no Bibles. However, after a priest and a member of a local congregation photographed and collected the burned Bibles, the government was forced to change its tune.

After the Evangelical Christian Church accused the police account of being untruthful, a military spokesman confirmed that the military did in fact burn Bibles, but claimed it was an accident.

Spokesman Teguh Pudji Rahardjo said the Bibles and other theological books were meant to be given to Christians in the area, but instead, they somehow got mixed in with the garbage that was burned.

Police even circulated a photo of a burned book on theology with the text reading, “This is not a Bible,” according to LifeZette.

As locals learned of the incident, many gathered outside the military base where the burning took place and demanded that the soldiers give them the Bibles for retribution. Some even threw rocks and blocked the streets in anger, while some resorted to violence.

Protesters reportedly injured the town’s chief of police, inflicting him with bruises, and stabbed his aide who was hospitalized for his stab wounds and also sustained injuries to his jaw and nose, according to the Associated Press.

In response to the riot, two armored vehicles from the military base fired on the crowd, officials from the Evangelical Christian Church reported. The police account, however, gave a different story, saying that law enforcement used only a water cannon to disperse the crowd. That statement was proven largely untrue by the fact that three members of the crowd suffered gunshot wounds, according to Fox News.

Rhardjo said the incident was being investigated and insisted that the military would not have disrespected Christians in such a way.

“Like all Indonesians, we as members of the Indonesian Military are religious people, and we respect all religions,” he said.

Although the military has claimed it was an accident and we don’t condone violent protests, the fact that the situation was lied about multiple times suggests nefarious conduct. Religious freedom is one of the most important human rights across the world, but particularly for Christians lately, that freedom has been denied or severely restricted.

Fortunately, followers of Christ in this area obviously have a strong church that is willing to stand up for them when necessary.

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Source: Conservative Tribune.

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