About Adaora Emelieze

Adaora Emelieze is a Dynamic leader, Speaker, Author, and Reformer. She has a compulsive need to bring change where it’s needed. Her passion is to motivate and inspire people to fulfill their life purpose and to live a life of significance. A man or woman’s greatest accomplishment in life should be to fulfill his or her life purpose, the reason for which you were created by God. I believe that’s where you find real joy, fulfillment, and meaning in life.

Adaora has been passionate about the things of God since her young years, leading and influencing the lives of young people. She has a passion for speaking up for those who have no influence and being a voice for the voiceless. She is passionate about liberating people from any form of oppression and abuse.

As a leader, she points you in the direction of your passion, gift & calling. Our duty as individuals is to see and recognize God’s purpose for our lives and respond to it. My goal is to help you discover those gifts and talents deposited in you and convert them to precious gold. A lot of people are unsure of their purpose my goal is to help you discover it.

As a speaker, she speaks passionately about moral and ethical values in church affairs, highly principled and a strong advocate for upholding right from wrong and ensures every injustice to humanity is dealt with.

As a reformer, she is very vocal about reforming the body of Christ, she hates religion because she believes it has kept people from fulfilling their life purpose and has encouraged abusing millions of lives. she has taken a stand and speaks her mind on issues that have enslaved a lot of Christians. She resides in the Houston Texas, with her husband and three children; she has two sons and a daughter.



My vision is to simply empower you to discover and pursue your highest calling in life. Discover your purpose and motivate you to become the best version of yourself. I believe in discovering our purpose is where we find true meaning and significance in life. My vision is also to set people free from enslavement, oppression, and abuse because  I believe some of us have become trapped by misinformation about ourselves, our existence and the world in general.