A Desperate Cry for Church Reformers!

A Desperate Cry for Church Reformers!

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I think these are troubling times in the body of Christ and we are seeing history repeat itself from generations past. Even though we ought to keep improving it but sadly that does not seem to be the case. Looks like we are back in the 15th-century era where you couldn’t question or disagree with the clergy or priests on anything even if your opinion or question is in line with God’s word. You were seen as a Heretic and burnt on the stake. If people cannot clearly say what needs to be said if people are not free to speak their mind, give a different view to the popular norm then friends we’ve missed it. We have got to continue to learn and improve our minds if we are ever going to engage our world and make a significant impact. We cannot stay uninformed. We must keep going after knowledge, Knowledge of the word, Knowledge of history so as not to display ignorance.

A regime where only one school of thought is tolerated is very dangerous because you stand a huge chance of being brainwashed or mind controlled. This clearly exposes the control and abuse going on in the body of Christ today. Jesus never used control; he was not a spiritual policeman. He never told his disciples they couldn’t give their opinions on an issue. They were allowed to ask questions and they had a lot of them. Even when Thomas who walked with Jesus in his earthly ministry did not believe he had resurrected, he did not reign curses at him. He did not discipline his disciples with harsh words or cruel punishments like some ministries do. He was not a military dictator but a servant of humanity. Jesus never ordered his disciples about, neither did he interfere or dictate their daily affairs. They came and went as they wished. It was left to their wisdom and discretion. This is sadly not the case in some ministries today, people are physically and mentally abused and shamed to comply to heinous man-made doctrines formulated by the Slave master and his cohorts.

When you look or read through the history of the church, you will see that God sent representatives or people with a mandate to correct errors in the church based on what he wants to be changed or corrected. Priests like Martin Luther, John Calvin, George Fox, John Hus and many others who God gave the spirit of reformation for the church, they also had abilities to see and speak out on errors in the church and they had people in their day that persecuted them for doing so. We have this same history repeating itself. In this generation, some ministers have instilled fear, guilt, manipulation, and shaming as a way to shut people from questioning any move they make. They tell their followers, you cannot speak against a man of God and if you are around anyone that does it, run away fast. I have also been a victim of such manipulations but not anymore. Any question or contrary opinion equals “speaking against a man of God”.

The reformers served in their time and completed their mandate and now the torch has been passed to us, it’s our time, we are on the scene, and what are we going to contribute to reform the church. Are we going to take action or just throw stones at the ones who are passionate about church reformation and accusing them of speaking against men of God. As a result of the work of past reformers, we get to read the Bible in the English language; the industrial revolution was birthed from the reformation and many other credits. They transformed the church for the better. Reformers still exist today because God is still doing his work, so if you don’t understand don’t or stop throwing stones but whether or not you fight the reformation work, it will still prevail because it is God’s work. Criticism does not shake reformers, they are shaped for the job, as a matter of fact, those criticisms build more strength in them, so you are giving them more ammunition to keep fighting, and reformers are born fighters. So my advice is to fasten your seatbelt as the battle has only just begun. Bye for now.

Adaora Emelieze

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