8 Ways You Can Use Technology To Develop Your Spiritual Disciplines!

8 Ways You Can Use Technology To Develop Your Spiritual Disciplines!

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Nowadays, technology is increasingly being viewed as a direct competition to many of the spiritual disciplines God calls us to grow in such as Bible reading, prayer, evangelism, and fasting. It’s not because technology is inherently evil, but because it has been misused and abused.

Used in the right way and for good intentions, technology can actually be beneficial and helpful for spiritual growth. In my personal life, I have experienced letting technology work both ways. But my goal has always been to minimize technology misuse and start utilizing it for good.

Here are eight ways that you can start using technology for beneficial purposes today by letting it function as an agent of spiritual discipline development.

1. Schedule Times of Prayer, Fasting and Bible-Reading

One of the tools I have found to be helpful is the Calendar app for Mac and Google. Now I know some might still prefer traditional planners, but an electronic calendar can have its advantages such as automatic reminders and being able to share it with others with ease.

2. Use a Bible Concordance or Commentary App

Physical concordances can be heavy and expensive. If you’re not the type to carry books around, there are now great Bible-reading tools available for very affordable costs in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

3. Join Online Communities That Encourage Spiritual Growth

Social media doesn’t always have to be idle. When we put an objective and goal into a community, it starts taking a direction. Take time to join a Facebook group or forum where you can share thoughts and insights.

4. Consume Media That Help You Understand The Bible More

There is a large database of YouTube channels, websites, online libraries and social media accounts that provide us with interactive media that help us appreciate and learn more about the Bible.

5. Share Your Faith on Social Media

As we continue to share our faith and the gospel to the lost, we continue to grow spiritually. Take the opportunity to tweet, share or post something that will edify others today.

6. Sign Up for Email Lists of Teachers, Pastors, and Theologians

I know how “spammy” some email newsletters can get, but there is also a great deal of them that provide so much value. Sign up for email newsletters of preachers and pastors to get their encouragements regularly.

7. Subscribe to Blogs on Faith

Blogs are great resources for learning and revelation. There are tons of blogs that you can follow today from personalities to news publications. The best part about blogs is that most of them are free.

8. Record Revelations and Reflections on Note-Taking Apps

Now just like calendars and planners, there may also be those who prefer the traditional pen and paper (I admit to being one of them). But online note-takers can be advantageous as well. They are easy to share and can be edited or augmented at anytime any place. One of the most popular note-taking apps today would have to be Evernote.

By Patrick Mabilog

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