7 ways to tell a person of character!

7 ways to tell a person of character!

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Abraham Lincoln said, “Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree.” There is no better quality in life than character. In your journey to fulfilling your life mission, you would have to develop these 7 traits and become a person of character. I believe character cannot be substituted for anything. Character helps you go far and causes you make the right decision towards your life mission.

  • A person of character is controlled by values.
  • A person of character does what’s right when no one is watching.
  • A person of character looks for solutions to any problem.
  • A person of character perseveres when challenged with adversity.
  • A person of character relies on internal motivation.
  • A person of character does not live double lives – their words and actions agree.
  • A person of character makes choices that add up to success.

Adaora Emelieze.

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