7 keys to self love!

7 keys to self love!

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  • Self-love is a result of Self-Discovery- you’ve got to discover yourself first or you’II never love the right way. Don’t be in a hurry to rush into marriage because of your age, peer pressure, parent pressure and the culture around you. Currently, marriages don’t work because couples go looking for love instead of first of all loving themselves. The same level of which you love yourself is the same level and degree you will love your spouse or neighbor. Stop trying to love people first, if you don’t love yourself, you will need people to love you and when they disappoint you, you don’t feel loved. You’ve got to love yourself so even if someone leaves or rejects you, you still love yourself.  Make sure you have so much love for yourself before you marry. The key is to fall in love with yourself first. It is more important to love you than you love me.
  • Self-love is a result of Self Source- you have to discover where you were sourced or where you originated from, where did you come from? you cannot love yourself if you don’t know where you came from because source determines value. If you get hold of a rock, and then you break it down into several parts it will continue to be the same even when it’s broken down into several parts. If you don’t know your source, you don’t know your value.
  • Self-love is a result of self-worth- you cannot determine your worth if you don’t know where you came from and you don’t know where you came from until you discover your source. You then suffer from other people’s value of you. people have let the fashion industry determine their value and they keep getting broke because they allow the industry determine their worth and value. This is why people purchase luxury cars and wear designer brands because of the value placed on them. This is as a result of the lack of self-love, we need all those external things to be able to have value and self-worth and when we lose them we go crazy.
  • Self-love is as a result of Self Esteem- how much are you worth? What is the estimate of your value? women engage in affairs with married men and exchange their bodies for money because they lack self-esteem, they know they shouldn’t go that low but because they don’t have the right self-esteem and not knowing their value and worth, they settle for that life. Self-esteem will make you treat yourself with dignity and class.
  • Self-love is a result of Self-Concept- This means a picture of you, how you picture yourself determines how you treat yourself which comes from an idea of where you came from. Your picture of yourself should not come from other people. Never speak negatively about yourself. Don’t ever accept anybody’s opinion of you, when you have a self-concept of yourself, other people’s opinion doesn’t touch you.
  • Self-love is a result of Self-Identity- one of the signs of self-hatred is to take people with you all the time and everywhere you go, a sign of self-hatred is when you dress to please other people. When you know who you are, you fall in love with you.
  • Self-love is as a result of Self-Value- how much do you value yourself? That gives you love for yourself. If you believe you are valuable, you fall in love with yourself. You go into marriage because you love yourself and you want to share that love with someone else. Self-love is the source of true singleness.

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