6 reasons churches should preach on moral values & chastity of marriage!

6 reasons churches should preach on moral values & chastity of marriage!

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Churches that don’t see the need to preach about moral values and chastity of marriage will be the breeding ground for sexual misconduct. I believe when we preach the word it contains the power to transform, change and deliver people. There are some people that feel like you can preach to people until they become blue in the face and they will not change, I literally cringe when I hear such statements because you are simply saying the word of God does not have the ability to change or transform a man. Why don’t you just preach and trust God to transform the hearers or listeners? The bible says in 2 Timothy 3 vs 16, that the word is also given for correction. These Six reasons are why the preaching of the word as regards moral values and chastity in marriage.

  • God created the marriage institution and he wants it guarded. In essence, it should be our top priority- we cannot pretend that a married church leader that is involved in repeated adultery and that the issue should be “swept under the rug” and not be addressed simply because of what they contribute in financial givings. I believe workshops and seminars should be created to help people who struggle with this issues.
  • We live in the 21st century where social media is available to everyone and people don’t have to even see each other to start affairs or get tempted and so we should preach the word and become intense about it.
  • repetition is the law of deep and lasting impression, what people tend to hear often, they are more likely to guard against and obey.
  • The enemy is constantly trying to divide homes and so we must keep the marriage institution as a top priority and the preaching of the word. we must teach people to replace selfishness with humility in their marriages, resentment with compassion, anger with gentleness and conflict with peace.
  • It causes us to become good stewards and allow God’s presence invade our homes, it builds Godly character in us, to always do what is right even when no one is watching because it’s the right thing to do. It brings back more respect and honor to the body of christ. People have tagged Christians as hypocrites because we don’t practice what is inscribed in the word of God. we wear the Christian title and persona but live like the world and so we are in the practice of religion.
  • It helps those that struggle with self-discipline, self-control and not being able to bring their flesh under subjection become more disciplined, to grow up and overcome their sexual urges and fantasies.

Adaora Emelieze.

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