5 reasons you should set goals for your life!

5 reasons you should set goals for your life!

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  • Goal setting is a spiritual responsibility, Jesus always announced goals for his ministry, if you don’t have goals set for your life, you will settle for what other people have for you which equals mediocrity.
  • Goal setting equals purpose and direction, if you don’t have goals for your life, you are just existing, you are not living. Goals are what gives you direction in life and keeps you motivated to accomplish your life purpose.
  • Goal setting is actually a statement of faith, faith in the sense that you are not focused on the challenges or roadblocks along the way, you’ve got your eye on the price. you have a picture of where you are going always and faith that your heart desires and dreams will come through at the appointed time.
  • Goal setting gives you a sense of focus, Zig Ziglar said if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. when you set goals you have something to focus on and you give yourself a target to shoot for.
  • Goal setting creates a sense of urgency – whether it’s a long term or short term goal, you have a time frame allocated to the expected completion of the goal and so this eliminates procrastination on your part, the temptation to put things off for a later time. Goal setting helps you live a life of purpose.

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