5 Killer Techniques To Boost Your Self-Confidence!

5 Killer Techniques To Boost Your Self-Confidence!

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The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore. ~ C.JoyBell C.

 You want to live the best life possible… of course, you do.  Who doesn’t?

But when it comes to pursuing that ideal career or starting your own business or living that dream, nothing happens.

You’ve read hundreds of self-help books that promise to get you to where you want to go and it’s supposed to be easy. Right?

Yet here you are not getting anywhere close to where you want to be because you still don’t believe it’s possible. Not for you. Your confidence has taken a hit.  And sadly it’s impossible to find time for your dreams and truly live the life you want if you’re lacking in confidence.

You worry about it, and you shouldn’t. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Become aware

Take a look at how lack of confidence shows up in your life. What have you left undone because you didn’t think you could do it? What less than thoughts and choices have you made, and are still making. Where have you been beating yourself up and feeling unworthy?

Becoming self-aware is the first step towards making changes. Begin to notice what you say to yourself, what limitations you think you have and check out whether they’re real or just limitations you’ve accepted as true. Do this and watch your confidence blossom.

2. Get a game plan

Half the problem with lack of confidence is living each day without any plans on how to get where you want to go. Create a mental picture of how and what you could put into practice today. If you want an awesome, exciting, fulfilling life…then put into practice the ideas that support you in having that awesome, exciting and fulfilling life.

Draw up your game plan for the next hour, the next day, the next week. Your awesome life isn’t just going to magically appear in your world. It needs your help.

3. Accentuate small wins

Every day you’ve had or done something that feels pretty good and you don’t need the approval of others before giving yourself a pat on the back. Believing in yourself regardless of what others might think stops the need for people pleasing to hold you down.

It becomes really hard to believe in yourself when you have to wait for the approval of someone else. If you don’t get it you won’t feel good. That’s no way to live…placing your happiness in the hands of others.

Find healthy ways to encourage yourself, it’s not self-centered, it’s a necessity.

4. Don’t shoot for the moon

One of the common threads in the training of Olympic athletes is to focus on a series of winnable goals, working on doing one thing better than before.  Many of us shoot for the moon only to be discouraged when we land on the stars.

Be more like an athlete and focus on definable achievements every day, however small. What could you do a little better today than you did yesterday? Begin somewhere and keep moving forward. This gives you confidence in your ability and you’ll feel good about yourself. Good enough to try something a little more adventurous next time and achieve that too.

5. Follow your enthusiasm

There’s something about enthusiasm that brings out the light in people. Think about those times you were with someone who was totally passionate about what they were doing, the burning energy of it is contagious. beautifully breathtaking and filled with purpose.

If you’ve lost your direction in life shift it to something you’re enthusiastic about. Having a greater sense of purpose fills your life with more beauty and meaning. This boosts confidence. Unleash your passion and you’ll always have a stockpile of confidence to draw on.

Spiritually speaking

You can never rise above the image you have of yourself. If you see yourself as financially lacking and then you win the lottery…before too long you would be back in the same financial boat. Look at how many lottery winners that’s happened to.

If you see yourself as being unworthy or unlovable…your relationships, no matter how well they start, will soon fall apart. Your life experiences are the reflection of who you believe you are in any and every arena of life.

Follow this simple formula. Take your attention away from the conception you have of yourself, whatever it is, and put it on that ideal you. The one that up until now you weren’t confident enough could be true of you.

Do this consistently and your present limitations of yourself will fade away to be replaced by a new level of confidence in YOU.

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