4 Steps to the accomplishment of your dream!

4 Steps to the accomplishment of your dream!

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To accomplish any dream, one has to be committed, obsessed and prepared to push every single day till the realization of your dream. I have to say, I come from an African culture where we are brought up to always seek advice from parents, loved one and guardians but when it comes to your dreams and life purpose, once you have the conviction of what you desire to do with your life that will be of benefit to the world even though people don’t understand, you just have to keep going. People will not understand your dreams earlier on and people tend to criticize what they do not understand. “Don’t ask for permission, give yourself permission and go out there and do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes you to make your dreams your reality”. These four steps should also help get you off and running 🙂

Prepare prayerfully: – You’ve heard people say that life is a journey and beginning that journey with God will save you a whole lot of bumps. Talking to God about your dreams is the first step because he put the dream there and he would reveal more to you as you commit yourself in fellowship and intimacy with him.

Plan purposefully: – You can have a dream or vision for your life but without planning, you will not see that dream materialize and come to pass. you’ve got to sit down and plan out your life. Planning means you’re not here to play around, you mean business and you are all in. When you document your plans on paper with execution dates, it has a very powerful effect on your mind.

Proceed positively: – Many of our dreams never materialize to the physical realm for people to see because we never take action. we are simply fearful and we doubt ourselves. You’ve got to push past your fears and doubts because they only exist to hold you back. If you give it your best shot and pour out your heart and soul into whatever you are working on or pursuing you simply can’t fail.

Pursue Persistently: – you’ve got to pursue your dreams and become persistent if you want to accomplish it. You might not get the result you were hoping for at the first try, and to tell you the truth, it will not always go your way but you would have learned from your past experiences and gained more knowledge than you could have imagined. Once you truly accept that life is a journey and you have to grow and develop on many levels before you can fully handle what you asked for, you won’t be so cut up and disappointed when things don’t work out. You would simply pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. When these four steps are your focus eventually you will make it to your destination. Stay Strong.

Adaora Emelieze

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