4 Reasons why the Pharisees malign Jesus so much?

4 Reasons why the Pharisees malign Jesus so much?

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  1. Jesus bypassed their religious authority.
  2. He weakened their control over the people.
  3. He challenged their cherished beliefs.
  4. He exposed their insincere motives.

Jesus was a non-conformist in his time. He did not just accept laws and doctrines that elevated laws over people; he challenged a lot of things that were not motivated by love for people. This is why I am concerned with people who are just neutral and indifferent. They seem to think just being quiet is the way to go about bringing change to unfair systems in the church today.

The control over people is so unbearable for us to just sit and be quiet. People are stuck and stranded, there are too many stories and nothing seems to be done about it. Everyone is buying the formula to just mind their business since it does not affect them directly. But how can it affect your neighbor and you remain indifferent about it. We have to start demanding change or we will never see it. I believe in prayers, but taking action is also needed. If people like Rosa Parks did not refuse to give up her seat on the bus during the time of segregation in America, they would never have seen reform in that area.

People have suggested prayers and interceding, Intercession is a vital part, yes I agree but again, an action is also required. Jesus always acted when he detected hypocrisy and insincerity exhibited by the religious leaders of his day. In Luke 13 vs 10-15, Jesus heals a crippled woman on the Sabbath; the synagogue leader becomes indignant that the Lord had healed on the Sabbath. he then addresses the crowd not to come to be healed on the Sabbath anymore but Jesus shot back at him, called him a hypocrite for saying such, he unveiled his hypocrisy with an illustration of him untying his ox or donkey and leading it out for water on the Sabbath and the fact the woman was a daughter of Abraham who should be set free from a sickness that crippled her by a demon for 18 long years.

My point is this; we should learn not to get uncomfortable, close-minded and uptight when issues concerning church leaders are raised. If Jesus had all these attributes and qualities and way of thinking, the fact that he was a change agent, the fact that he put human needs before laws, and he was a non-conformist should open our eyes to see a part of him that has never really been portrayed to us as it should be.

Adaora Emelieze

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