4 Money Beliefs That Will Keep You Broke!

4 Money Beliefs That Will Keep You Broke!

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The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself. ~ Wallace Wattles

Ever wondered why money can be so hard to come by? And even harder to keep?

We all have our own individual relationship with money: a financial blueprint that we’ve lived with since we were children and we carry around in our head today.  Maybe one that creates a mind-set of scarcity or fear or discomfort.

Would you like more money in the bank and less stress, but another part of you feels it’s wrong?  Or you’ll have to give up too much to be financially comfortable? If so, you could be one of the many people who are simply afraid to be rich.

If you ever feel you get in your own way and sabotage yourself when it comes to money, then it’s definitely time to check out some money beliefs that will keep you broke.

1. What if?

What if the more I have, the less there is for others?

 Scarcity thinking is a habit we all can fall prey to. Don’t fall for the limited pie routine.  All our limiting beliefs about money vibrate with an energy of fear, failure, disappointment and ‘worst case scenario’ syndrome.  Stop doing this to yourself. We live in an infinite universe.

And as for those other limiting beliefs.  Well…if you have any thoughts such as:

“I’ll have to cheat and go against my values. Rich people are greedy. I’ll have to neglect my family. Money doesn’t buy happiness. You can’t have it all”.

Then they need to be given the boot. Expecting the worse is like wishing for the worst. And you don’t want to do that to yourself because truth be told, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Money is unspiritual…

Far too many of us have learned the belief that there’s some shame attached to money.  If our subconscious operates from a belief that money is the root of all or at least some evils, it’s hardly surprising that we protect ourselves by making sure it doesn’t flow our way.

Money might not be the key to self-worth and happiness, but nor is it an evil necessity.  Money is just money. A form of exchange that has the potential for incredible good.

Like when it’s sent out to do useful work in important areas. Perhaps putting food in the hands of hungry children and providing a roof over their heads.

Remember Mother Theresa? She took a vow of poverty and lived it. But her foundation was active in raising millions of dollars every year to support her work and build hospitals and shelters. Without the wealth of her foundation, her efforts wouldn’t have produced such wonderful results.

3. Money can’t buy happiness

No, it can’t. But neither can struggling to pay our bills, or falling so far behind that our homes are foreclosed on. Happiness comes from within, from the persistent happy thoughts we choose to think, from the beliefs that the world is filled with possibilities and from building a life that has value and meaning.

But life certainly gets easier when we don’t have to worry about paying the bills.

As Mark Cuban said if you’re happy, having more money can make you happier, if you’re unhappy, no amount of money will change that…at least not for long.

There’s plenty of ways you can have happiness in abundance. Be a bit more like Mother Theresa and think of others. Then find ways to contribute both financially and otherwise.

4. I don’t have what it takes

None of us can be happy, successful or prosperous with a belief like this one. Believing in yourself is the cornerstone to a happy and richly abundant life. Believe you have the creativity, the ability, and the means to create value for others and you draw towards you greater economic abundance.

Awaken to the awesome truth of your potential. Begin to create a new set of beliefs, a new blueprint which includes your deepest values. A model of success that allows you to see your attainment of money and success as a part of the greater good for humanity.

5. Spiritually speaking

The big lie that permeates much of human consciousness is that we live in a world of lack and limitation.  The truth is that there’s more than enough good available. There’s more than enough love, joy, creativity, success, fulfillment, and money.

There’s enough for all of us. Begin to believe this, begin to act on this truth and it will show up in your world. Even if you’re struggling financially right now…nothing and no-one can stop you from believing in you and your power to do good in the world. And that’s the truth.

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