4 keys to becoming a person of influence!

4 keys to becoming a person of influence!

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Every human being was created to influence their world. Influence is defined as the capacity to impact one’s environment, people, and circumstances through presence, performance, personality and competence. we become influential when these four attributes are developed in our lives.

  • Influence is earned over time through the consistent, commitment and dedication to a personal goal, conviction, discipline or cause at the expense of self-preservation- it is earned when people watch you for years invest in refining yourself, paying a price for what you believe in, e.g. Nelson Mandela was a lawyer in South Africa who fought against Apartied (the blacks were not treated equally as the whites) in his country. His convictions about his belief took him to jail for 27years. After his jail term, Apartheid was history in south Africa, he’s time in jail was not in vain, he paid the price for influence. he is very well respected around the world because he paid the price. it indicated dedication and commitment to a specific goal or a specific discipline. You have to master something to gain influence.
  • Influence produces leadership, this can be leaders in your field of expertise it could be selling shoes, becoming a physician, a lawyer, hair maker/consultant, owning a company, selling clothes,  whatever you are gifted at doing. it will reflect on your personal success. and you becoming a person of influence.
  • The key to influence is value- you must position yourself to be valuable, do not seek success, seek to become a person of value, seek to influence in your field of expertise or area of gifting, it is the influence that attracts success. The more valuable you become, the more successful you will become.
  • To become influential, you must become a person of significance. you were created to dominate life but in an area of gifting, your gift is your area of significance, your gift is the key to your significance. know that you were born to solve a problem and a need on earth, you’ve got to believe that.

Adaora Emelieze.

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