10 Reasons why planning is necessary for success!

10 Reasons why planning is necessary for success!

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Firstly, a plan is a documented preconceived determination of how time will be used. One quote says if life was a bow and you were the arrow, then planning would determine the direction and destination of your life’s flight. Zig Ziglar said if you don’t have daily objectives for your life, you qualify as a dreamer. Dreams don’t change your life plans do.

  • Planning is an essential part in bringing your goals, visions, aspirations, dreams to realization. If you will succeed or fail in life, depends on the plan you have or don’t have.
  • Planning is the management of the distance between your conception and your destination.
  • Planning is applying purpose to time; this is because time is present anyhow.
  • Planning is giving meaning to unused time motivated by a clear sense of purpose.
  • Planning forces you to put on paper what you want out of time, it is you telling time, you will be used for this purpose.
  • Planning is planning the use of resources, i.e. your time, your energy, your gift, your relationships, your money, your house, and car, all this needs to be regulated.
  • Planning is taking control of your future, in the next 12months who is going to control your life; it’s dangerous to live in limbo, in a land where you don’t know what to do. Planning is the key to unlocking your future.
  • Planning helps you to fulfill your vision and mission in life, the best way to protect the future is to invent it. You can invent the future with a plan.
  • Planning protects you from abuse from people, some good people come to abuse your time but when you have a plan and routine, it pulls you back into a schedule.
  • Planning is the route that gets you to your destination, without a plan you don’t know your destination and any road become right for you.

Our dreams may be real but our plans give them breadth and life.

Adaora Emelieze.

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